Wind energy systems adapted to the seawater greenhouse desalination unit designed for arid coastal countries

The wind energy can be used to power the seawater greenhouse. The aim of this study is
to present the feasibility of wind energy in the seawater greenhouse desalination unit. The seawater
greenhouse combines fresh water production with growth of crops in a greenhouse system. The
technique is adapted for farms in arid coastal regions that are suffering from salt infected soils and
shortages of potable groundwater. The dimension of the greenhouse has the greatest effect on the
water production and energy consumption. A wide shallow greenhouse (200 m wide by 50 m deep)
has been found to give 297 litres per day of fresh water in only eight hours (between 09.00 and
17.00). The greenhouse produces 98 % of total fresh water. This interval corresponds to the higher
winds period.

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