PREVIS 1.0 : Easy software for simulation and sizing of solar water heating system

In this paper we are interested in developing new and easy software for the sizing of a
solar installation of hot water production. Such installation is successful only if its determination, its
conception and its realization are made with care. This software that we baptized PREVIS 1.0
supplies, for fixed operating conditions, the dimensions of each component of the installation without
having to use tables of data or diagrams. PREVIS 1.0 will allow the engineers and the fitters of solar
installations of hot water production to make a good sizing in a simple and precise way. Moreover,
PREVIS could be coupled to TRNSYS code and this is one of its highlights. Typical university campus
for a 240 students was considered as case study. The hot-water demand temperature (45°C) is
controlled by a conventional fuel auxiliary heater and a tempering valve. The fluids circulate by
pumps activated by electricity. Annual energy performance, in terms of solar fraction, was calculated
for Tangier.

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