Integral screen printed solar cells panel

This paper summarizes our activities in the field of process technologies for the
fabrication of photovoltaic devices. The study is strongly focused on the integral screen printing
technique for the fabrication of single crystal solar cells, using standard equipments available in our
laboratory. The challenging aim of this survey is to attain encouraging results with very modest
means. Knowing that any problem coming unexpectedly with the cell structure may influence more
than one electrical parameter and as the process consists on several steps ; we will stop at each stage
and discuss the factors, which affect it. In pursuit of this goal a doping phosphorus1, a back contact
silver-aluminium2, a front side silver3 and an anti reflective coating4 commercial pastes are printed
and fired. The 36 fully screen printed solar cells connected in series offer a module with power
output of 31 Watts5 and 11 % as efficiency.

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