Measurements for GPS meteorological applications

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is at present used for the location and the synchronization of the ground, marine and air meteorological measurements as well as for wind measurements. In the first part of the paper, are presented results of measurements of the positioning of a point known with the Algerian National Center of Space Techniques, CNTS [1] of Arzew and it is included of the national geodesic network and the world network Tyrgeonet : 305 site. The purpose is the study of the total electron content (TEC) using measurements of GPS signal code. For that, two methods are used : Dual-frequency and Klobuchar model method. To eliminate possible skews from the satellite and the receiver. For a GPS receiver alone, one can use the model of Klobuchar to determine the vertical time on the code transmitted by the signal L1. A comparison between the two models will be made to choose that which characterizes best the ionospheric effect. In the second part of this article, we describe the principle of a new technique which is the radio occultation allowing to sound the troposphere by using the GPS signal. Finally, the study of the ionosphere has for application the spatial telecommunications, whereas the study of the troposphere has for application the meteorological phenomena.

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