Parametrical study of the influence of the climatic data and the construction properties on the efficiency of a collector/storage solar water heater

A study was undertaken on the performance of an integrated collector-storage solar
water heater consisting of a cylindrical water storage tank combined with a parabolic reflector,
manufactured at the Laboratory of Energetic and thermal Processes (LEPT). The theoretical
determination of the heat transfer phenomena which occur in the system was used to elaborate a
numerical model, needed for a parametric evaluation of the system. The parametric study identified
the parameters which have the higher influence on the system efficiency and allowed us to quantify
the contribution of each of them. We can notice that for the climatic data, the cold water input
temperature as well as the ambient temperature showed a major effect on the warm water output.
For the construction characteristics, the most influencing factors are the transmissivity of the glazing
and the painting of the tank.

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