On The Static Scattering From Ternary Mixtures Of Two Weakly Charged Linear Homopolymers And The Corresponding Diblock Copolymer

More a decade ago, Hashimoto and co-workers have first investigated the phase behavior of ternary mixtures made of two
neutral linear homopolymers A/B and the corresponding diblock copolymer. A few years later, this study has been extended by
Benmouna et al. to similar systems composed of cyclic chains. These authors have found that, depending on the concentration
of copolymer, the interplay between macrophase and microphase separation transitions can take place. In the other hand,
mixtures made of cyclic copolymers exhibit a compatibility enhancement towards phase separation. The main purpose of this
paper is to examine how the phase behavior changes when chains are placed totally or partially in various conditions of charge
distribution and compare our results to those reported by Hashimoto et al.

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