Using Geo-informatics for Development of Rural Roads Under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna

The development of any country depends on the infrastructural facilities available therein. Good road network facilities plays major role here. The developed countries have good road infrastructure not because of the fact that they are wealthy ; instead they become developed because of good road infrastructure. Realizing this fact an ambitious and biggest ever infrastructure development project in
India (expected cost of $26 billion) named as Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna (PMGSY) under ministry of Rural Development was conceptualized and launched on 25th December, 2000. The objective was to provide basic access by way of all weather roads to the all habitations having popu-lation « 250 or above in desert and tribal areas » and « 500 or above for the rest of habitations » by year 2007 in phased manner. The role of Rural Roads is very important in a
country like India where majority of the population resides in rural areas and the main source of their earning is based on agriculture products. Rural roads provide the access to basic amenities and means of transporting agricultural products to nearest market centers. The Rural Roads can be classified as Other District Roads (ODR) and Village Roads (VR). ODR are those roads which connects the rural areas to market centers, Block, tehsil/taluka HQ or main roads while VR are those roads which connects
villages and group of villages and each other or to the market place or with the nearest road of higher category (Operation Manual, 2005). PMGSY scheme is becoming very popular among rural areas because of the specifications and quality aspect adopted for construction of roads. Although it is a Rural Road Connectivity Project but it has well
designed working system, clear guidelines and stream lined efficient monitoring and execution strategy.

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