Simultaneous Georeferencing of Digitised Heterogeneous Map Sheets

One of the most important phases in the set up of a GIS is the recuperation of existing data and putting them under the same and homogeneous form. This data may originate from different sources, various media, and he acquired by various techniques at different scales. To be useful the data must be placed into homogeneous system and referenced on the same co-ordinate system. For this purpose, the application of efficient adjustment techniques is mandatory. The paper describes application of a photogrammetric block adjustment technique (independent model triangulation) for simultaneous georeferencing of digitised map sheets. This technique allows us to establish compatibility between sheets, data homogeneity and continuity for an eventual updating. The technique can resolve problems efficiently which may arise in individual sheets because of : different co-ordinate systems in individual sheets, different scales, different media (paper, film), lack of controls points, and inappropriate distribution of control points. This approach was applied to set up a land information system to identify and indemnify landowners before initiation of an industrial compound construction.

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