The plerils of writing as a woman on Algerian women , an analysis of Assia .Djebar’s women of Algiers in their apartement .

traditionai rote as mute objects within a rigid patriarchy My paper
seeks to demonstrate that in ‘Women of Aigiers in Their Apartment’ ;
Assia Djebar cornes short of achieving this aim. Not oniy does she fait to develop a type of écriture to elevate Atgerian wornen above their usual victimisation, but she atso does flot manage to reflect the appropriate means for them to throw off the veit.’ I shah argue this position from two perspectives. First, I shah appty a feminist approach which wilt concentrate mainiy on the analysis ofthe type of discourse developed in this work, and a discussion of the women characters of the story (especially Sarah, Anne and Fatrna). I shah try to show that such a discourse neyer goes beyond the reflection of wornen ‘s oppression and victirnisation. As for the ‘characters’, their depiction by Assia Djebarseem to emphasise their passivity and resignation as prisoners in a ctosedptac.e. Equatty, I shah confront my arguments with current criticism ofDjebar ‘s works, especiahty with the ferninist aspect of such criticism.Second, I witi concentrate on Djebar’s écriture by deating with whatJacquehine Kaye and A bdethamid Zoubir cati « the arnbiguouscompromise » characterising the French language Aigerian novel.

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