Propositions pour un enseignement adéquat de l’anglais scientifique et technique à l technique à l’université d’annaba .

This paper has a twofold aim. Fistly, it OttemptS to make the
administrative and teaching bodies (the language teacher and the subjeci teacher) aware of the dfficulty of English for Science and Technology (EST) teaching. Secondly, it suggests sine qua non conditions for an adequate teaching of (EST) at the university ofAnnaba. For this purpose, dfferent steps should be taken into account and undertaken seriously in order to alleviate, if not, eradicate the problems encountered by the pedagogical couple (the language teacher and the learner). Hence, this article is divided into three parts, as follows : The flrst part draws odistinction between general English and English for Specific Purposes(ESP). The second part seeks to identfy the negative aspects of EST teaching at the university of Annaba. The third part is an attempt to
bring some remedies for an adequate teaching of EST

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