معالم إقتصادية بارزة في التنمية المفقودة بالجزائر

This article tries to examine the Aigrerian experience of
development since independence, especially in the last two decades when
several changes have been occurred. During the years since 1986 the
problem of development in Aigeria has become even more urgent and
anxious ; whenfaced with growing and dangerous crisis.
At this stage of developpment ((f there is such a development) ; it
has been verj difficuit, (f flot possible, 10 carry on such n development,
when the level of investinent, consumptiofi growth and the standard of
living of the majority of people have been deteriorated. So, in this
situation one can ask (f there is such a development at ail, if rather there
is an underdevelopment ?
This article analyzes the Aigerian experience of development,
suggests approaches and strategies 10 soive probierns of such a pure
econornic development and provides some recommendations for a course
of action. Taking into consideration the trend towards giobalization.

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