Impact of disturbing electrical load

This paper presents a simple and straightforward method for studying the
behavior of the renewable energy power sources connected to ‘classical’ noisy loads. It is
important to study this problem because most renewable energy power plants produce
direct current that needs to be inverted into ac before use. Three approaches are used.
The first approach consists of modeling the system under study and then analyzing its
behaviour with respect to non-linear loads. Simulations with Matlab-Simulink would then
permit the visualization of the noise generation of such a highly non-linear system’s
behaviour ; the results of these simulations are displayed in graphical form. The second
approach is reducing the problem to that of designing a classical and cheap controller
with fewer harmonics, compared to that of the Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) controller.
Finally, the last approach consists of choosing the parameters L and C of the filter in
order to avoid a resonance frequency that would coincide with the frequency of any of the

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