The enhanced cooling of heated blocks mounted on the wall

This is a two dimensional numerical simulation of the laminar air forced convection
cooling of six blocks mounted on the lower wall of a plane horizontal channel filled (or not filled)
with a porous medium. The blocks are equally spaced and heated by a uniform volumetric heat
generation. The objective of the study is the determination of the enhanced cooling of the blocks
when the channel is filled with a porous medium. The problem is modelled by the continuity,
momenta and energy equations with their appropriate initial and boundary conditions. When the
channel is filled with a porous medium, a Darcy-Forchheimer-Brinkman flow model is used to
describe the flow field. The model equations are numerically solved by a second order accurate finite
volume method. The results show that the flow field of the channel filled with a porous medium is
very different from that of the channel without the porous matter. A major difference is the
appearance of circulating vortices between the blocks when the porous matter is inexistent. This flow
pattern difference favours a convective heat transfer enhancement of the flow in the channel filled
with the porous matter. Moreover, the effective thermal conductivity of the considered porous
medium is higher than that of the fluid. These two factors lead to a considerably better cooling of the
blocks mounted in the channel filled with the porous matter. Thus, the use of porous media when
possible is recommended because it enhances the cooling of heated blocks mounted in channels.

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