A sliding mode control associated to the field-oriented control of asynchronous motor supplied by photovoltaic solar energy

The aims of this work, is the survey of the design and application of speed and flux
sliding mode controllers for vector control of an induction motor powered by a solar photovoltaic
energy. The solar photovoltaic energy nowadays, is one of the renewable energies sources present in
various domains of applications. Moreover, the photovoltaic generator (GPV) output voltage
depends of several climatic factors, such as the irradiations and the temperature. To overcome these
problems, one must carries out an adequate sizing and exploits the maximum power available at the
level of the (GPV). Thus the proposed structure in our work, is constitute of one (GPV) associated to
a (DC/DC) converter controlled by MPPT to fed an induction motor. After determining the
decoupled model of the motor, a set of simple surfaces and associated control laws have been
synthesised. A smooth control function with a threshold was chosen. However, the magnitude of this
control function depends closely on the upper bound of uncertainties, which include parameter
variations and external disturbances, and this generates chattering. So, this magnitude has to be
chosen with great care to obtain high performances.

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