SARM : Simulation of Absorption Refrigeration Machine

The purpose of this work is : - the design of a simulation program for a
refrigeration system absorption (single and double stage), working with the binary couple
NH3-H2O, called SARM ’Simulation of Absorption Refrigeration Machine’, - the creation
of a database containing the physical and thermodynamic properties for ammonia, water
and their mixtures with different concentrations - computer-aided design of the two
diagrams of Oldham thermodynamic (LogP, -1/T) and Merkel (h, ξ), whose range has
been extended (for P : from 0.1 to 50 Bars - T : from 213.15 to 513.15 K) - to size various
organs (mono and exchangers diphasic) of the installation. To validate the simulation
program, the results were confronted in one hand, those of R. Kuzman, J.S Gallagher on
the thermodynamic properties of the binary pair NH3-H2O, and secondly, to those
obtained by the software ABSIM ’Modular Simulation of Absorption Systems’, about the
performance cycles absorption. In both cases the results are satisfactory.

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