Evaporation of a thin binary liquid film covering one plate of a vertical Channel

The present work is a numerical study of the heat and mass transfer in a
vertical channel with isothermal plates. The first plate is covered with an extremely thin
binary film of water and ethylene glycol. The second one is dry. Due to the heating effects
and the forced (mixed) convection flow of air containing the respective vapors of film
constituents, phase change can occur. The mathematical formulation of the problem is
based on the conservation equations of mass, momentum, energy and species subjected to
the appropriate boundary conditions. The variability of the thermo physical properties of
the liquid and the gas mixtures as well as the effect of the buoyancy forces in the
momentum equations were taken into account. A numerical model using the finite
difference method was developed and tested systematically. A detailed parametric
analysis on the effects of several operating variables such as the temperatures of the
plates and the inlet conditions of the gas mixture on the phase change process and on the
heat and mass transfers was conducted.

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