Thermodynamic properties and moisture sorption isotherms of Artemisia herba-alba

Sorption isotherms of Artemisia herba-alba were determined at three temperatures (30,
40 and 50 °C) and in the range of water activity varying from 0.0572 to 0.898. The hysteresis effect
was distinctly observed in the range of temperature tested. Five sorption models were used to fit the
experimental data. The GAB equation was the best model describing the equilibrium moisture data
for desorption. The modified Halsey equation was the most suitable model for describing adsorption
isotherms. Thermodynamic properties such as differential enthalpy and entropy were determined
from moisture sorption data, using the Clausius-Clapeyron equation. The experimental data showed
that enthalpy-entropy compensation theory was applicable for the moisture sorption behaviour of
Artemisia herba-alba.

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