Assessment of wind energy resource in southern Algeria

Wind has been proven as a cost effective and reliable energy source. Technological
advancements over the last years have placed wind energy in a firm position to compete with
conventional power generation technologies. Algeria has a vast uninhabited land area where the
south (desert) represents the greatest part with considerable wind regime. In this paper, an analysis
of wind energy utilization as a viable energy substitute in six selected sites widely distributed all over
the south of Algeria is presented. In this presentation, wind speed frequency distributions data
obtained from the Algerian Meteorological Office are used to calculate the average wind speed and
the available wind power. The annual energy produced by the Fuhrlander FL 30 wind machine is
obtained using two methods. The analysis shows that in the southern Algeria, at 10 m height, the
available wind power was found to vary between 160 and 280 W/m2, except for Tamanrasset. The
highest potential wind power was found at Adrar, with 88 % of the time the wind speed is above 3
m/s. Besides, it is found that the annual wind energy generated by that machine lie between 33 and
61 MWh, except for Tamanrasset, with only 17 MWh. Since the wind turbines are usually installed at
a height greater than 10 m, an increased output of wind energy can be expected. However, the wind
resource appears to be suitable for power production on the south and it could provide a viable
substitute to diesel oil for irrigation pumps and electricity generation.

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