Optimization of the performance of micromorph tandem solar cell a-Si/μc-Si

We have performed a Computer modeling using AMPS 1D and AFORS-HET
for optimizing a-Si:H/μc-Si:H tandem cells on p-i-n/p-i-n configuration. We investigated
the influence of the substrate temperature for doped layer deposition technique in the top
cell performances and the influence of the thickness of the bottom cell in the density of
current that present a crucial parameter in the current matching between subcells. The
simulation results demonstrate in one hand that a top cell a-Si with doped layers
deposited by PECVD with 1000C substrate temperature provides a notable increase in
the efficiency, and in the other hand a bottom cell μc-Si with 900nm thick intrinsic layer
exhibit more density of current. The performances of micromorph cell obtained from
simulation give a good agreement with experimental results and confirm the importance
of the combination a-Si/μc-Si as a double junction solar cell.

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