The effect of solar spectral irradiance and temperature on the electrical characteristics of a ZnO-SiO2-Si (N) photovoltaic structure

The aim of this article is to present an analytic study of the impact of changing
solar spectrum and temperature on the performance and electrical characteristics of a
MIS solar cell. With this intention, one simulation of the spectral response and the
current-voltage characteristic was carried out using a simulation program designed
under ‘Visual Basic 5’ language for this reason. Our study is made on a ZnO-SiO2-Si (N)
solar cell ; it proves that the spectral response has higher collection efficiency for carriers
generated by ultraviolet light and a conversion efficiency of about 18 % can be obtained
under AM1 solar spectrum and at ambient temperature. The results presented indicate
also that the increase in solar cell’s temperature results a degradation of their

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