Doubly fed induction generator, with crow-bar system, under micro-interruptions fault

The work presented in this paper focuses on studying the application of
doubly fed induction generators in wind energy production under micro-interruption
fault. In this context, we set out to improve the performance of a wind turbine either
from an energetic efficiency, or from the arrangement with behavioral of grid
disturbances. To reach the maximum wind power extraction, wind turbine has to
reduce their disconnection. For this reason grid operators impose, by theirs grid
connection requirements, to wind turbine producer to support some grid disturbance.
This paper deals with the behavior of wind turbine equipped with a Doubly Fed
Induction Generator (DFIG) under micro-interruption. A scheme tolerant microinterruption
is proposed. A control strategy of the Unified Power Flow Control
(UPFC) using PI controller is presented. And finally fuzzy logic controller is
illustrated and compared to PI controller.

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