Nonlinear control of permanent magnet synchronous generators (PMSG) using feedback linearization

This paper presents nonlinear control of permanent magnet synchronous
generators using feedback linearization. Permanent-magnet synchronous generators
(PMSGs) are commonly used for small variable-speed wind turbines to produce highefficiency,
high-reliability, and low-cost wind power generation. To eliminate the effects
of nonlinearity caused by magnetic saturation, an input–output feedback linearization
technique is applied to design the high-performance nonlinear current controllers. With
this nonlinear control scheme, output voltage responses become faster than those in
cascade control structures. Thus, the size of the output filter capacitor can be much
reduced since fast voltage control is feasible. As with usual PWM power converters, in
addition, the input current is regulated in a sinusoidal waveform. The proposed control
scheme provides the wind generation system with the maximum efficiency and high
dynamic performance.

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