Influence of passive solar gains on the energy consumption of a typical house in Algiers

The purpose of a bioclimatic house is to make every effort to reduce the need
for heating and cooling. For this a well studied architecture of the house is essential : - the
positioning of windows to capture the maximum solar radiation, - Good thermal
insulation of the house to reduce heat loss. This study focuses on the effect of solar and
internal heat gain on the energy consumption of a typical well insulated house. The
degree day’s method is used to determine the heat losses by transmission and ventilation
according to international standards on thermal insulation of building (NBN B62-301),
the results are very interesting and promising. By including the solar and internal gains,
which vary from 900 to 1400 kWh, the energy consumption decreases significantly. The
thermal load for heat reaches 60 kWh, but by including the free thermal gains, 10 kWh of
energy can be saved daily.

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