Detection of the Corrosion of Aluminium Alloy by Optical Method

The Speckle effect is a discipline with whole share. It is exploited in various scientific fields. On the application plan, it became a very powerful tool for the characterization and the non destructive testing. This technique which makes it possible to control and quantify in real time several parameters such as : the roughness of surface, the vibrations, the constraints, microphonedisplacements, the microstructure of surfaces, can be applied, at the same time, with the objects transparent and diffusing, solidor liquids. The development of flexible tools of capture of images to high resolution (camera CCD) coupled to information processing systems, nowadays makes the techniques speckle particularly important and interesting for industrial control. Ourwork consists in controlling qualitatively and quantitatively the variation thickness extracted the surface of the Duralumin sample (Aluminium alloy) immersed in a Salt water (to 3.5%), by using a camera CCD connected to a computer equipped with a software of image processing PRO-PLUS.

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