Numerical investigation on the behavior of saturated clayey sloping soils submitted to seismic action

The present paper treats the stability of the saturated clayey sloping soil under a seismic action (under the principle of total stress (PTS)). The influence of rupture criterion of Drucker-Prager is treated in comparison to the Mohr-Coulomb criterion. Moreover, the reformulation of the safety factor (Fs) is made to include all types (rigid or flexible) and nature (normally or overconsolidated) of saturated clay soils. This approach is in fact an improvement of study made by Cascone and al. Also, this numerical study confirms the results obtained in certain experimental studies. A new model is advanced based on the notion of crossing to estimate if a given slope is failed or not. To make our task easier, a visual computing program (with Interactive Database Access software using the concept of object-oriented programming) is created


Lahlou Haderbache

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