Omani physical education curriculum impact on physical fitness

School environment is an ideal setting to enhance physical fitness components, because virtually all students can be reached. However, it is important to use the scheduled time for physical education optimally and efficiently to improve physical fitness components levels. The objective of this study was to measure the impact of physical education curriculum on physical fitness components (cardiovascular fitness, body composition, flexibility, muscle strength and endurance) of male students. The experimental design was a pre-test, post-test design with two groups for eight weeks for 72 students. The experimental group enrolled in an additional physical education session once a week for 40 minutes that included a programme to improve the physical fitness components with medium intensity of 70-75% of maximum heart rate. While the control group enrolled in an additional physical education session followed the school physical education curriculum. The results showed a significant deference for the both groups and higher for the experimental group on the physical fitness components. The study recommends that the ministry of education may consider increasing the number of physical education sessions to twice a week or more and design physical education curriculum with various physical activities which can enhance and improve physical fitness.


Al-Shamli A.

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