Etude comparative des caractéristiques anthropométriques entre deux clubs de handball, hommes, algériens de niveaux de pratiques différents.

Aim : – The purpose of this research is to see morphological variations between two handball clubs of different level of performance.
Methods. – thirty eight handball players of Algiers retorted in two teams, the one evolving in first division HBCEB (n=20) with a medium age of 23.40 ± 4.78 years, other one evolves in regional division one USACV (n=18) with an average of age of 24.78 ± 3.57ans. In a space of week we undertook all the measurements to a pre-established protocol. Anthropometrical measurements allowed us to determine following parameters : height, weight, surface area, indexes of physical development, mass of the bodily segments, the masses of the components of the weight
Results : We found significant differences between both teams at the level of the stature in p < 0.05, of the mass of the segment of the forearm in p < 0.001 as for the masses of the components of the body no significant difference is to be indicated. All the players of both teams are of the meso-endomorphe. Type. The wingers are the smallest and the lightest players, the players of the back base are the biggest, while pivots and goalkeepers are the heaviest athletes.
Conclusion : At the end of this study we can advance that both teams present some differences on the morphological plan of certain anthropometric parameters which concern essentially the stature and more particularly the mass of the physical segment of the forearm at the wingers and the back players. Effectively, every play-post of game has its own morphological peculiarities especially for the wingers who are smaller and lighter ; on the other hand the players of the back base and pivots have bigger segments and more important scale

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