A New Space Vector Modulation(SVM) with Optimal Switching Sequence

The need for control algorithm of low switching losses and harmonic distortion is becoming more and more urgent, especially when the high frequency devices are used in the power electronic systems . So a new space vector modulation (SVM) was introduced, which has the virtue of low switching losses and harmonic distortion. And the algorithm model was built to study its operation in Simulink. Simulation results, including the output voltage waveforms and the spectrum of the output line-to-line voltage, were given under various modulation indices and N (the ratio of carrier frequency to modulation wave frequency). The experiments of the algorithm had been carried out based on TMS320F2812 DSP. It is shown that the proposed SVM makes doubled calculations at specified switching frequency. And the output THD of it is better than that of 7-segment SVM.

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Weifeng Zhang

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