An improved parallel observer of speed and stator resistance for sensorless induction motor drives

The purpose of this work is to contribute to the improvement of the dynamic performance of Rotor Flux-MRAS estimator for a simultaneous estimation of speed and stator resistance of induction motor in sensorless rotor …eld oriented control, having as available information voltages and stator currents. The conventional adaptation mechanism of stator resistance MRAS estimator using a proportional integral controller (PI) in first scheme is changed by a variable gain proportional integral controller (VGPI) in second scheme, then by an intelligent controller (fuzzy-PI) in third scheme. The value of estimate stator resistance is introduced online into the speed estimator with the Pl adaptation mechanism is substituted in last scheme with a fuzzy-PI controller. Tests are performed and validated by numerical simulation by MATLAB SIMULINK, environment, acquired results illustrate the contribution of every controller in quality terms of estimation and robustness, in relation to the variations of the stator resistance of the induction motor.

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