Increasing the Loadability of Power System through Optimal Placement of GUPFC using UDTPSO

This paper concentrates on increasing the loadability of power system. The most powerful multi-line FACTS controller, Generalized Unified Power Flow Controller (GUPFC) is considered using power injection model. While finding the optimal installation location for GUPFC, transmission line thermal limits and bus voltage limits are taken into consideration. The overall system and area wise loadability is enhanced in the resence of GUPFC with static and dynamic loads under normal and contingency conditions. A novel optimization algorithm based on uniform distribution of control variables and two-stage initialization processes included
in conventional Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) to start the convergence of problem with good initial value and reaches best final value in less number of iterations. The proposed methodology is tested on standard IEEE-30 bus test system and the obtained results are quite encouraging and will be useful for power system restructuring.

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