Design and FE Analysis of BLDC Motor for Electro- Mechanical Actuator

This paper presents the design of Surface Mounted BLDC Motor for Electro-mechanical actuator. The Electro-mechanical actuators are extensively used in aerospace and defence industry. The preferred motor for such applications is BLDC motor as it is compact in size, offers high speed operation and has high orque to inertia ratio, high efficiency etc. Motor is designed analytically to meet the given specifications of the actuator. The designed motor is verified by conducting Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on the dimensions obtained through analytical calculations. The FEA is conducted on no load and on loaded condition of the motor. The armature reaction effects mainly demagnetizing and cross magnetizing effects on the permanent magnet are analyzed. Finally non-linear FEA concludes that flux, flux density and magnetizing force etc. in various parts of the motor are in the specified limits and motor meets the desired specifications.

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