Fabrication, structural and optical characterization of In doped ZnO thin films prepared by the colloidal method

Regarding to the excellent conductivity and high transparency in the visible range, the zinc oxide (ZnO) films have been widely used as transparent electrodes in optoelectronic devices, ZnO is a direct wide band-gap (3.37 eV) semiconductor.
The conductivity of ZnO will be largely enhanced by doping little In, but it still keeps high transparency. So, IZO film has been widely investigated and is considered to be a promising possible alternative to ITO films.
This work consist to the fabrication and characterization of ZnO:In thin films. The sample preparation was carried out by the colloidal method. The pure and In doped ZnO thin films were deposited using a dip-coating technique on glass matrix. The optimal condition for samples fabrication has been investigated. The XRD and Raman characterizations show that the ZnO thin film crystallize with a wurtzite structure. The optical properties of ZnO thin films doped In reveal that doping changes the optical gap of ZnO.

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