Antioxidant activity of Imino-Hesperidin derivatives

DMF solution of imino-Hesperidin derivatives was screened for its antioxidant activity based on their capacity to scavenge the free β-carotene radical after exposure to a UV lamp at 254 nm. In the first time, we have synthesized seven new compounds derived from Hesperidin 1 based on condensation reactions and nucleophile additions simple and easy to carry. Hesperidin 1 which is a natural molecule extracted in the laboratory (LPOS) from orange peel (genre Citrus sp.), which is the best known flavanone of citrus and the most studied. The structural elucidation of these new products (mono-iminohesperidin 3-4 and bis-iminohesperidin 5-9 derivatives) was achieved by IR, UV, 1H NMR and 13C NMR. The results of antioxidant activity proved that these compounds showed antioxidant activity by means of β-carotene greater than that of Hesperidin 1.

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