Electromagnetic characterization and modelling of superconducting material

Electromagnetic characterization and modelling of superconducting material are very important for end users. Firstly main features of superconducting material are presented. Secondly two methods of characterization to obtain experimentally the influence of magnetic field on critical current density JC are presented. These two methods are commonly used for applications in electrical engineering. The electrical method is based on measuring the voltage and current of a superconducting sample. It has the advantage of simplicity in implementation, but the main drawback as the presence of the self magnetic field. This prevents the determination of the parameters of $J_C(B)$ for weak magnetic fields. The magnetic method using the cycle of magnetization has the advantage of making measurements without contact with the sample but has two drawbacks : it is based on a theoretical model in which $J_C$ is constant and the assumption of infinite length sample.

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