أفعال الكلام غير المباشرة لأسلوب النداء ودورها في استنطاق خبايا النفس لدى الشعراء القطريين

Vocative style “Nidaa” in the speech plays a vital role whatever. And often come out from the original appeal speech to lead to high-value rhetorical purposes. In fact, linguists have not overlook taking the role of the vocative style to the advancement of the level of speech, raising his language levels rhetoric. This is reflected appeal out of its origin and its meaning is clearly in the Quran, even elaborated commentators in this has exceeded trading grammarians and focused their attention on the secrets hidden and learned the vocative style of contextual linguistic and non-linguistic marking their study of semantics appeal depth so that is consistent with the great Quran text.This study presents the implications of the vocative style out about the origin of its meaning and the origin of the vocative out its meaning in the poems Qatari poets.

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