Extent of internet using in financial reporting Among the listed companies in Algiers Stock Exchange

This paper investigates the usage of the Internet as a tool for financial reporting in Algeria, where we have prepared a list of 27 items including financial reporting items via the internet, then we calculated the mean for these items. We have found that all of the six (06) companies listed on the Algeria Stock Exchange had accessible and active websites ; and the overall Internet financial reporting percentage was 60%. The online reporting varies among companies, drawing on the reporting list, SAIDAL, SONELGAZ & ROUIBA scored the highest reporting percentage 72%, 69% and 63% respectively, Percentage of reporting in ALLIANCE & EL-AURASSI were a bit close ; they scored 55%. Lastly company come DAHLI by 44%. This latter showed that Algerian companies have used the internet as a tool for financial reporting, but they still need to exploit the full potential of Internet financial reporting, and the new ways of reporting like XBRL, social network and social media.

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