الفلسفة السائدة لدى كليات التربية الرياضية في الجامعات الأردنية

The study aimed at identifying the prevailing philosophy among teachers at the physical education colleges at the Jordanian Universities. The sample was limited
to a deliberate sample of (66.37%) of the original research community of (108) faculty
member. The researcher designed a questionnaire about the prevailing philosophical
patterns.The questionnaire consisted of (49) statement on lickert scale of fire grades,
under fire domains : (Idea philosophy, Natural philosophy, Realistic philosophy,
pragmatic philosophy, and Existentialistic philosophy). In order to assume validity the
questionnaire was judged by a jury of highly experienced and qualified faculty
members, and Cranach Alpha was applied for coefficient of internal consistency to
ensure reliability of domains and the whole instrument resulting (0.60-0.67) making
an acceptable range for this kind of study.To answer the questions of the study. The researcher used means. Standarddeviation, and analysis of variance, and reached the following results:Pragmatic Philosophy ranked first a among the five patterns with a mean of (4.26)and (%58.23). While the natural pattern ranked the last with a mean of (3.73) andpercentage of (%74.59).There were no significant differences in the prevailing philosophical patterns due toacademic rank or gender.Several recommendation were reached by the researcher mainly using
different methods and ways of teaching various physical activities.

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