Nanopowders prepared by Solar Physical Vapor Deposition (SPVD)

The Solar Physical Vapor Deposition (SPVD) is an original process to prepare nanopowders. This method has been developed in Odeillo-Font Romeu in France using solar reactors working under concentrated sunlight in 2kW solar furnaces. Various oxides, pure or containing other elements in addition, have been obtained. This paper focus on ZnO and TiO2. based oxides It is shown that the X-Rays Diffraction analysis allows a fine nanostructural characterisation of the nanophases present in these nanopowders. In many cases, HRTEM or SEM and XPS complement the XRD analysis. The properties such as Electrical, magnetic properties, photoreactivity, luminescence … known on microstructured materials of the same composition are revisited on these nanopowders or on nanomaterials prepared from them and led in many cases to original behaviours.

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Monty Claude J. A.

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