Photovoltaic applications of Light Beam Induced Current technique

Light or Laser beam induced current technique (LBIC) is conventionally used to measure minority charge carrier’s diffusion
length LD by scanning a light spot away from collector (abrupt pn junction or Schottky contact). We show here the necessary
precautions to be taken in order to apply this method on materials used in photovoltaics. We talk about SRLBIC or spectral
response LBIC when this technique is combined with spectral reflectivity to allow determination of cells quantum efficiency.
From internal quantum efficiency analysis, one deduces an effective carrier diffusion length, Leff, including bulk and surface
recombinations. LBIC is, also, often used to reveal electrically active extended defects such as grain boundaries and dislocations,
and to check passivation efficiency of fabricated cells.

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