Realization and study of ZnO thin films intended for optoelectronic

The objective of this study is the realization of zinc oxide (ZnO) thin films intended for optoelectronic applications. For this
purpose, thin films were prepared by spray pyrolysis technique from zinc acetate solutions of different molarities (0.025 M,
0.05 M and 0.1 M) used as precursors on Si and glass substrates heated between 200 and 500 °C. The nozzle to substrate
distance was varied between 20 and 30 cm. Structural, optical and electrical properties of the films have been studied. The
results indicated that the films deposited were transparent in the visible region, well adherent to the substrates and presented
surface roughness. All samples were polycrystalline in nature, having hexagonal würtzite type crystal structure. A (002)
preferred orientation was observed at 450°C and a 0.025M molarity. The optical energy gap measured was about 3.3 eV. The
refractive index values presented small variations with the deposition conditions and were located between 1.8 and 2.0. The
electrical properties showed that the samples are natively n-type semiconductor and the electrical conductivity at room
temperature varied between 10-5 and 102 (Ω.cm)-1.

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