Electronic structure calculation of the GaAs/AlAs quantum dot

Theoretical investigation of the electronic structure of GaAs/AlAs quantum dots superlattices is presented. We use the envelope function approximation in connection with Kronig-Penney model to calculate the conduction band structure of the cubic quantum dot crystal. . We show that, when quantum dots are separated by a finite barrier and positioned very close to each other so that there is a significant wave function overlap, the discrete energy levels split into three-dimensional minibands. We can control the electronic structure of this artificial quantum dot crystal by changing theirs technological parameters, the size of quantum dots, interdot distances, barrier height, and regimentation. This type of structure provides electronic and optical properties very important that are different to that of bulk and quantum well superlattices. The proposed engineering of three-dimensional minibands in quantum dot crystals allows one to fine-tune electronic and optical properties of such nanostructures.

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