Toy Model Of Spinfet Transistor

The study of spin polarized transport in semiconductors is achieved by the transmission of current in semiconductor devices, our study focuses on spintronics or spin electronics in these devices. We chose the spinFET transistor or the transistor at`spin rotation’ as a better implementation because it is a type of HEMT transistor in which we replace the source and drain by ferromagnetic contacts. The source contact acts as a spin polarizer for electrons injected into the conduction channel of the transistor and the drain contact is a spin analyzer to those (spins) have reached the end of the canal. The drain current varies with orientations of the spin of electrons at the end of the canal and the magnetization of the drain contact. However, it is possible to control the current through the grid voltage. We have presented a simple toy model in the 1D channel formed in In0,53Ga0,47As a spin FET transistor.

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