Optical and structural study of plastic deformation of single crystals

CdTe pure and alloyed with some isoelectronic impurities was found in front of more than twenty years as very promising in optoelectronics. The effectiveness of components based on these materials is strictly related to their quality. It is in this context that our work. The objective in this study is to see the effect of plastic deformation of crystals of CdTe and CdZnTe on crystallographic and optical properties. The investigation methods are X-rays as a means of crystallographic characterization, measurements of UV-Visible spectrophotometry, as means of optical characterization. The main results show that : the best crystal (CdZnTe) before deformation, which shows the highest dislocation density after deformation and increased optical gap,which decreases for CdTe. The effect of dislocations on the optical properties is characterized by a shift of the absorption edge relative to the undeformed state, due to the creation of acceptor centers, which are the neutral hole CdTe and Cd decreased concentration of Zn atoms substituting Cd atoms

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