An improved simple Fuel Cell model for Energy Management in residential buildings

This paper deals with a fuel cell (FC) model to be integrated into the energy management algorithm for a stand-alone residential photovoltaic (PV) power system. The FC system is added to guarantee continuous power supply taking account of the photovoltaic intermittent nature. FC models are generally relatively complex especially when they should be introduced in a complete hybrid system model. This paper investigates a simple FC model derived from the FC electrical circuit model. Analytic expression of each element of this simple circuit is established. Experimental tests are conducted to identify the model parameters. FC model is simulated using PSIM software and validated with corresponding experimental polarization curves. To verify FC model effectiveness for energy management algorithm, simulations are carried out with specific load shape and a hybrid system (FC and PV systems with storage batteries). Several scenarios are performed under various meteorological conditions and in case of non-availability generation.

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