Robust Generation Control Strategy Based on Grey Wolf Optimizer

This paper presents an application of Grey Wolf Optimizer (GWO) technique to estimate the parameters of the Proportional Integral Controller (PI) for Automatic Generation Control of two area power system. In this work two thermal units with non reheat turbines are considered. The detailed eigenvalue analysis is carried out for exhibiting the philosophy of damping requirement in the complex networks. The parameters namely proportional integral gain, speed regulation, frequency sensitivity coefficient are considered as the modifiable parameters. These parameters are estimated through optimization process with the aim to minimize the Area Control Error
(ACE). The comparison between two objective functions namely Integral Square Error (ISE) and Integral Time Absolute Error (ITAE) is presented. Sensitivity analysis advocates the effectiveness of the proposed approach. To draw a fair comparison between the proposed method and the conventional methods (GSA, PSO and GA) convergence characteristics of the optimization techniques are compared and presented. It is observed that the proposed design satisfactorily handle different contingencies and operating conditions.

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