Fuzzy Logic Controlled DC-DC Converter Based Dynamic Voltage Restorer

This paper presents fuzzy logic controlled dc-dc boost converter based Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) to compensate severe voltage sag problems in an electrical system. DVR absorbs real power from battery to compensate voltage sags in the system. This condition causes reduction in voltage magnitude of dc-link capacitor. Additionally, DVR requires large dc capacitors to compensate long and severe voltage sags in the system. In this study, dc-dc boost converter is connected to DVR for keeping dc link voltage constant. For this propose, a control algorithm based on Fuzzy Logic (FL) control is developed for dc-dc boost converter. The main contribution of this study is that Fuzzy Logic (FL) is firstly used to generate reference signal for PWM signals of dc-dc converter applied in DVR. FL is a very flexible controller which keeps
the dc link voltage constant during voltage sag. The performance results of proposed study are verified with PSCAD/EMDTC.

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