Improve Dual Axis Solar Tracker Algorithm based on Sunrise and Sunset Position

This paper presents sensorless dual axis solar trackers based on sun position using sunrise and sunset database. The database created from exact calculation of solar azimuth and elevation based on Terrestrial Dynamical Time (TDT)system with parameters input : local date, time, geographic location, altitude and timezone. By using linear interpolation the sun position in direction of a and b angles for other time can be obtained during a day. The solar panel move based on sun position in direction of a and b angles. The prototype solar tracker consists of digital electronics circuit and mechanical construction has been functioning as expected, especially for small-sized of solar panel. The measurement of the electrical power output of solar power between a flat position compared to the upright position of sunlight has resulted in a
greater power. For seven hours energy captured by flat posistion was 166.4 Watthour. However by used solar tracker increased to 225.05 Watthour. Thus the solar tracker algorithm has increased output power of Solar Power Generation and it’s efficiency 26 %. This technique independent from weather conditions, although cloudy, panel position remains consistent with the maximum illumination when the weather is sunny back later. By this way, the solar panel always absorbs maximum sunlight as well as generate maximum electricity.

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