Development of PEF source in Nanosecond range for Food Sterilization

Pulsed Electric Field [PEF] food processing technology becomes more attractive, alternative to thermal food processing technologies. Usually the high voltage pulses are generated using conventional pulse generators based on Marx cells, Spark gaps, Electrostatic filters to produce the necessary high electric filed intensity. The voltage and current are limited due to the classical switches used in the conventional generators. The switching speed and slow response of such devices increase the complexity of the control and driver circuits and also the space requirement of the conventional generators. The drawbacks of pulse generators are overcome by
the advanced semiconductor devices, such as power MOSFETs and are becoming most suitable for high speed switching high voltage pulse generators. The modern semiconductor devices are more reliable to handle high voltages and currents when implemented in typical circuits and reduces the bulkiness of the High Voltage Pulse Generator [HVPG]. This paper proposes the developments in HVPG using modern semiconductor devices. The energy efficiency can be improved by minimizing the losses during food process and it can be achieved by reducing the pulse width using modern semiconductors. The proposed generators are capable of producing
high voltage sub-microseconds pulses in the range of 100ns to few microseconds.

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