Employees’ Empowerment As An Approach To Achieve The Business Excellence

Case Study on Algerian Communications Company

This Study sought to determine the Relationship between employees empowerment and business excellence, employees empowerment have been identified through its four dimensions were in (meaningfulness, self-determination, competence of employees, impact on job).
To achieve the above objectives, questionnaire was developed and distributed to a sample consists (352) subjects and then descriptive statistical technique such as (mean, standard deviation) and analytical statistical technique such as (multi-correlation) were used to analyze the data. the study has reached the following conclusions :
1. There was a statistical significant relationship between empowerment and business excellence.
2. There was a statistical significant relationship between (Meaningfulness, Competence) and business excellence.
3. There was no statistical significant relationship between (self-determination, Impact) and business excellence.
The study has recommended the followings : the need to address the development of perceptions of the four dimensions of empowerment, especially in the first level management by encouraging them to take responsibility and look at mistakes as opportunities to learn in order to increase the overall level of excellence.

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