recherche de l« activité pectinolytique chez 12 souches de champignons microscopiques isolees d »un sol de la région d"El Kala

22 microscopic fungi strains pertaining to the following genus : Aspergillus, Penicillium, Mucor, Alternaria, Nigrospora and Trichoderma have been isolated from soil in the region of El Kala (North-East of Algeria). These species present a depolymerising pectinolytic activity. They secrete polygalacturonases capable of hydrolysing pectic acid more or less esterified. Besides the strains studied, Trichoderma specie seems to be more active and secretes a polygalacturonase actived by chloride sodium (NaCl), acting at pH 5, at 30°C and its preferential substrate is polygalacturonic acid.

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